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Our Services

Center For Covid Control offers free COVID-19 testing for all patients. Choose from over 275 convenient locations across the United States. Appointments are not required.

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Free RT-PCR Covid Test

Your results will be emailed within 48 hours.

Free Rapid Antigen Test

Results are verbally given within 15 minutes and an email confirmation is given within 3 hours.

Workplace Testing

We offer weekly workplace testing. Please contact us for more information.

Helping Everyone Open
Their Doors Safely Again.

For the detection of COVID-19,
onsite testing can play an essential
role in keeping participants safe,
customers happy and business
moving forward.


Convenient testing delivered to your business.


One end-to-end digital solution to manage the complete COVID-19 testing process.


PCR nasal is one of the most reliable methods for COVID-19 detection.


Simple instructions and effortless collection method.